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-大学自学考试 “英语(二)”考前练习第十一卷

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  201.When you ________ know Bob better, you will like him.
  A. go to B. got to C. went to D. get to
  202.I‘ve got the order from the boss that the work ________ finished before 5 p.m. today.
  A. would be B. be C. will have been D. could be
  203.________ Tom has done really amazed everyone in his class.
  A. What B. Which C. That D. Who
  204.It is not decided ________ the conference will be held.
  A. what B. which C. when D. that
  205.Scientists are now working on programs to ________ the place and time of earthquakes.
  A. assume B. guess C. predict D. release
  206.The judge who was ________ to his favorite was criticized by many people.
  A. partial B. fair C. strict D. frank
  207.An employee has perfect reliability if he always does his work ________.
  A. personally B. scarcely C. respectively D. responsibly
  208.The French maintain a ________ separation of personal and professional life.
  A. hostile B. serious C. rigid D. rapid
  209.She couldn‘t ________ the meaning of the poem because it’s too vague.
  A. work with B. work out C. work at D. work up
  210.The house was quiet in the night, ________ the occasional coughing from my throat.
  A. as for B. such as C. instead of D. except for
  211.You‘d better leave things ________ if you don’t know how to deal with them.
  A. off B. out C. alone D. over
  212.Motivation and personality may ________ the varying degrees of success in one‘s career.
  A. account for B. apply for C. risk for D. supply for
  213.The wounded soldiers would recover quickly if they were well ________.
  A. nourished B. stuffed C. tamed D. ventured
  214.The traffic was held up for more than thirty minutes, ________ caused me to arrive late.
  A. it B. that C. what D. which
  215.________ he has many friends, he is often feeling lonely.
  A. As B. When C. While D. Since
  216.Poor speaker of English though he was at the time, he still managed to make himself ________.
  A. understand B. understood C. understanding D. to understand
  217.There are many sales this season, during which stores will lower their ________ prices.
  A. normal B. general C. ordinary D. usual
  218.As for family education, parents are encouraged to rely on ________ rather than punishment.
  A. criticism B. intimidation C. persuasion D. scolding
  219.Scientists doubt whether it‘s ________ to regulate one’s biological clock by drinking.
  A. feasible B. incredible C. fashionable D. valuable
  220.So far scientists have only acquired ________ understanding of the physical processes that cause earthquakes.
  A. a partial B. a changeable C. an original D. an individual
  221.The profit-sharing plan is designed to ________ the staff to work hard.
  A. calculate B. demonstrate C. speculate D. motivate


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