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manbet网 大学自学考试 “英语(一)”考前练习第一卷

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 -大学自学考试,择优录取,免试入学,宽进严出。manbet网 热忱欢迎有志于自学成才者报读 -大学专本连读全日制脱产班,manbet网 考生报读我们学校可以深度感受 -大学真实的教育,积极向上的大学文化,是成为社会人才的良好途径。

  1.Being a good leader,one ______ to think more of others.
  A. must  B. may  C. ought  D. should
  2.It‘s quite ______ me why such things have been allowed to happen.
  A. for  B. behind  C. against  D. beyond
  3.The factory manufactures a ______ of products.
  A. variety  B. mixture  C. quality  D. volume
  4.He continued speaking,regardless ______ my feelings.
  A. in  B. of  C. on  D. about
  5.If traffic problems are not solved soon,driving in this city ______ impossible.
  A. become  B. becomes  C. will become  D. has become
  6.The boss asked his secretary to go to a concert and she ______ his invitation with pleasure.
  A. received  B. accepted  C. rejected  D. refused
  7.This tool machine is capable ______ being improved.
  A. to  B. in  C. with  D. of
  8.We ______ very close,but things have changed recently.
  A. used to be  B. are used to being  C. are used to be  D. were used to being
  9.He found it difficult to make himself ______.
  A. understood  B. be understood  C. understand  D. to understand
  10.It rained hard yesterday, ______ prevented me from going to the park.
  A. that  B. which  C. as  D. it
  11.He was busily engaged ______ writing letters.
  A. on  B. in  C. with  D. by
  12.Do remember to ______ the light when you leave the room.
  A. turn up  B. turn on  C. turn off  D. turn down
  13.The atmosphere consists of an ocean of gases ______ miles high.
  A. hundreds  B. hundreds of  C. of hundreds  D. of hundreds of
  14.Not only the students but also the old teacher ______ been changed.
  A. was  B. were  C. has  D. have
  15.—— ________ I had!
  —— You really suffered a lot.
  A. What a time  B. What time  C. How a time  D. how time
  16.The advertisements are trying ________ people to buy things they don‘t really need.
  A. persuade  B. persuading  C. be persuading  D. to persuade
  17.Practice ________ English every day.
  A. speak  B. to speak  C. speaks  D. speaking
  18.The discount houses were first established in that period of time ________ people‘s purchasing power was low.
  A. which  B. that  C. when  D. where
  19.Please write a report ________ the above subjects are to be covered.
  A. which  B. in which  C. that  D. in that
  20.The reason ________ I‘m writing is to ask for your permission to translate your latest novel into  Chinese.
  A. because  B. why  C. for  D. as


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