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manbet网大学自学考试 “英语(二)”考前练习第十卷

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 -大学自学考试,择优录取,免试入学,宽进严出。manbet网  热忱欢迎有志于自学成才者报读 -大学专本连读全日制脱产班,考生报读我们学校可以深度感受 manbet网大学真实的教育,积极向上的大学文化,是成为社会人才的良好途径。
  181.Opposition leaders will be watching carefully to see how the Prime Minister ________ the crisis.
  A. handles B. conducts C. observes D. directs
  182.It took a few seconds for her eyes to ________ to the darkness.
  A. allocate B. adopt C. apply D. adjust
  183.To write up his novel, John is looking for an environment free ________ outside distraction.
  A. on B. with C. from D. in
  184.Johnson was ________ unknown before running for the presidency.
  A. visibly B. visually C. vertically D. virtually
  185.The volunteers would rather go by train than ________.
  A. to drive B. drive C. driven D. to be driven
  186.Police are ________ the disappearance of two children.
  A. looking up B. looking through C. looking into D. looking on
  187.If you try to learn too many things at a time, you may get ________.
  A. concentrated B. confused C. confirmed D. convinced
  188.You should help them ________ when your friends quarrel with each other.
  A. come into sight B. come to terms C. come into play D. come to power
  189.Modern economics ________ the country‘s agricultural policies.
  A. undergoes B. understands C. underlies D. undertakes
  190.I was writing a report last night; ________ I would not have stayed up late.
  A. however B. otherwise C. therefore D. furthermore
  191.What he told us was more of a(n) ________ than a reality.
  A. illusion B. demonstration C. illustration D. reputation
  192.He insured his car ________ he had an accident.
  A. unless B. if C. since D. in case
  193.Children have a natural ________ about the world around them.
  A. certainty B. capability C. cleverness D. curiosity
  194.He has deep love for the people and ________ loyalty to the country.
  A. intense B. initial C. instant D. imitative
  195.We ________ go out to restaurants, but mostly we eat at home.
  A. occasionally B. relatively C. continually D. absolutely
  196.This is the first time that a woman has been ________ to the post.
  A. granted B. praised C. pointed D. appointed
  197.If payment is not received, legal action will be our only ________.
  A. aggression B. advantage C. alternative D. ambition
  198.Don‘t trust everything ________ you have read in the newspapers.
  A. which B. that C. as D. what
  199.The conclusion from the study is not definite; it is just ________.
  A. tentative B. valid C. technical D. thorough
  200.She ________ everything else and concentrated on the task before her.
  A. set off B. set back C. set aside D. set up


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