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manbet网大学自学考试 “英语(二)”考前练习第九卷

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  161.The professor asked a question, and David ________ a good answer.
  A. put up with B. stood up for C. came up with D. looked down upon
  162.No sooner had we reached home ________ a violent storm broke out.
  A. when B. that C. until D. than
  163.People differ ________ one another ________ their ability to handle stress.
  A. from……to B. from……in C. for …… in D. in …… from
  164.They should try to ________ their usual inhibitions and join in the fun.
  A. send off B. lay aside C. take to D. turn off
  165.During the past two decades, research has ________ our knowledge of daydreaming.
  A. expanded B. emerged C. descended D. conquered
  166.The students are required to ________ the main ideas of the article in their own words.
  A. symbolize B. minimize C. synchronize D. summarize
  167.The outline of rooftops and chimneys ________ against the pale sky.
  A. pulled out B. looked out C. held out D. stood out
  168.The government finally ________ all the documents relating to  the war.
  A. released B. specialized C. realized D. supposed
  169.Anxiety can ________ with children‘s performance at school.
  A. refer B. prefer C. infer D. interfere
  170.New drivers are far more ________ to have accidents than experienced drivers.
  A. possible B. likely C. probable D. unlikely
  171.That proposal is essentially irrelevant ________ the issue at hand.
  A. with B. from C. in D. to
  172.The vehicle was traveling at speeds ________ 90 miles per hour.
  A. in addition to B. in view of C. in excess of D. in search of
  173.Fish is ________ and expensive at this time of the year in this area.
  A. in large measure B. to the minimum C. in short supply D. to the maximum
  174.To understand the sentence, you should analyze its parts ________.
  A. functionally B. widely C. largely D. remarkably
  175.The cloth had a natural look which perfectly ________ the image Laura sought.
  A. turned out B. set down C. thought over D. coincided with
  176.The farming methods have been ________ improved with the invention of the new machine.
  A. efficiently B. proficiently C. professionally D. intentionally
  177.It has been found that a strong ________ help overcome the effects of distraction.
  A. interruption B. motivation C. evaluation D. destination
  178.He was specifically asked to write a play that would be ________ to the local community.
  A. flexible B. accessible C. responsible D. capable
  179.It is strongly held that new ________ must be introduced to protect the right of the immigrants.
  A. statistics B. constructions C. measures D. concessions
  180.Country life is better than city life ________ it offers fresh air and noiseless environment.
  A. in that B. as that C. as for D. in which


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